Principal Investigator

Rick Duque


Local Collaborators

Universidad de Concepcion
Departamento de Sociologia
Omar Barriga Jr., PhD
Guillermo Henriquez, MA
Universidad Catolica, Santiago
Departamento de Sociologia
Marjorie Murray, PhD (ABD)


Participating Institutions

Universidad de Concepcion EULA
Universidad de Bio Bio INIA
Universidad de Los Lagos INFOR
Universidad Catolica INFOP
Universidad de Chile CIMM
Universidad de Santiago FUNDACION CHILE



Duque, R. B. (2012). Global Economic Crisis, Natural Disaster and the Chilean Scientific
Sector.   Sociedad Hoy. Forthcoming.

Duque, R. B., P. Miller, O. Barriga, W. Shrum, and G. Henriquez (2012). Is Internet Use Associated with Reporting Fewer Problems in Collaboration? Evidence from the scientific community in Chile. Science Communication. Forthcoming.  

Duque, R. B, W. Shrum, O. Barriga & G. Henriquez. (2009). Internet practice and professional networks in Chilean science: dependency or progress. Scientometrics, 81(1): 239-263.
Duque, R. B. (2007). Global Internet Research: Internet Golpe in Chile in W. Shrum, K. Benson, W. Bijker & K. Brunnstein’s (eds), Past, Present and Future of Research in the Information Society. New York: Springer. Pp. 198 – 206.

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