Research instruments

The files below are the instruments we have used in our examination of
scientific research in the Ghana, India, and Kenya. You are welcome to
download and use anything you wish. Please send us a email if you decide
to use anything, so that we may exchange notes!

Most of the questionnaires have two parts. The first part is the main body
of the survey, while the second part (which is actually administered
towards the beginning of the interview) is the list of organizations that
is used to prompt our informants for their contacts in international
organizations, universities, state research institutes, and NGOs.

In general, the 1994 questionnaires contain a broader range of attitudinal
questions, while the 2000+ questionnaires all contain more extensive
sections on computers, email, and web use.

These files are in Word format.

2010 Kerala Survey

2010 Kerala Network

2010 Kenya Survey

2010 Kenya Network

2010 Ghana Survey

2010 Ghana Network

Survey Checklist

2005 Chile Survey

2005 Chile Network

2005 Kenya Survey

2005 Kenya Network

2005 Ghana intro letter

2005 Cape Coast intro letter

2005 Kumsai intro letter

Ghana June 17, 2005

2005 Network, Ghana

2004 Survey, South Africa

2004 Network, South Africa

2005 survey, Phillipines

2005 Network, Phillipines

These files are all in WordPerfect format.

2002 Survey, Ghana

2002 Network, Ghana

2001 Survey, Kenya

2001 Network, Kenya

2000 Survey, India

2000 Network, India

1994 Survey, Ghana

1994 Network, Ghana

1994 Survey, Kenya

1994 Network, Kenya

1994 Survey, India

1994 Network, India


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